Estimated Population
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(Estimated as of now)

Past and Projected Population

Year   India   China   World
2009   1,160,813,000   1,338,612,968   6,786,743,939
2012   1,208,116,000   1,366,205,049   7,028,369,002
2015   1,254,019,000   1,393,417,233   7,269,526,256
2020   1,326,155,000   1,430,532,735   7,659,291,953
2025   1,388,994,000   1,453,123,817   8,027,490,191
2050   1,807,878,574   1,424,161,948   9,538,988,263
  Sources : Populations projections are based on data from Census 2011 (Registrar General of India,Government of India) and World Population Prospects 2012(Population Division of United Nation).
(Estimated as of now)
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Siddhartha Roy Former Economic Advisor, Tata Group

The twelfth ministerial of WTO is going to be held between November 30th and December 3rd of 2021. For a change, the participants don’t seem to have high hopes... Read more

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